Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Maintain Don’t Gain Thanksgiving Survival Plan

Eat a normal breakfast and a light lunch. Avoid skipping meals because it slows down your metabolism and increases hunger causing you to overeat later on.

Wake up early and exercise to burn off extra calories you will be eating and to alleviate some holiday stress.

Stick to water or sparkling water instead of sweetened beverages. Limit alcohol intake and pick light beer or wine instead of mixed drinks, eggnog, or punch which can be over 500 calories each.

Limit appetizers to lower calorie options like fresh vegetables and shrimp cocktail. Make a point not to stand near food to reduce nibbling temptation.

If you know you will not find any healthy choices bring a healthy side dish or salad to share.

Survey the entire table before placing food on your plate. Decide which foods are worth eating and which you should ignore. Stick to your decision, don’t waste calories on foods you don’t love.

Put a small portion on your plate. You can go back for more if you love it and are still hungry.

Pace yourself and be aware of what you are eating. Eat slowly to savor the taste and texture of your food. Talk more to eat less.

Eat until you are satisfied but not full. Leave some food behind on your plate, especially if you did not love eating it. Drop out of the “clean plate” club mindset.

400 calories for a slice of pie can be a big problem. Don’t feel obligated to have dessert if you don’t want any. Avoid “extras” such as ice cream. Try 1-2 cookies or a slice of cake instead of pie, or eat less of the pie crust.

Don’t feel guilty! Holiday’s should be celebrated with family and friends. Treat yourself in moderation and understand one meal has a minor impact when you are good all week.

How to enjoy a lighter Thanksgiving
3 oz skinless turkey 119 calories
2 tbs gravy 15 calories
1/2 cup glazed carrots 45 calories
2 tbs cranberry sauce 55 calories
1/2 cup mashed potatoes 120 calories
1/4 cup stuffing 90 calories
444 calories
Cinnamon Oat Baked Apple153 calories

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