Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Workplace Snacking

Is your workplace a treacherous landscape when it comes to food choices? Is it a  battle ground between self-control and constant temptations from cake celebrations and catered meetings? Let’s not forget the unassuming candy dish land mines that pop up around every corner too.

With demanding schedules the workplace has turned into a grab-and-go culture for many of us. People with the best intentions still break down when unpredictable treats appear in the office.

A study at the University of California examined decision making around food in the workplace and found people with the best self-control drank water as a deterrent from unhealthy eating. People who packed their own food also had more self-control, especially since they were not dependent on office treats.

Eating the right foods can increase work performance especially when it comes to mental focus and patience. The wrong foods, or skipping meals, can cause less productivity, rash decision making, and mistakes. 

While healthy eating does take effort to plan, purchase, and prepare; it does not have to be difficult. Check out some easy options on the right.

Healthy Workplace Snacks
· 6oz nonfat Greek yogurt or cottage cheese
· 100 calorie nuts
· KIND, LARA, Uber, Balance, Kashi bars
· Apple with low fat string cheese
· Baby carrots with single serve hummus
· 2 rice cakes with natural peanut butter
· Piece of fruit
· Hard boiled eggs
· 1/4 cup trail mix
· Raw vegetables

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