Monday, May 2, 2016

It’s Mango Season

 Mangoes from Mexico and Central America are coming into season and showing up in grocery stores all over the U.S.

Juicy, pulpy, and sweet the mango is a stone fruit native to South Asia. Its popularity makes it one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics, with almost half of the worlds production coming from India (18 million metric tons). In the U.S. mangos thrive in Southern Florida and California’s Coachella Valley.

Mango trees are massive, growing 131 ft tall and are long-lived, bearing fruit even after 300 years. There are several different varieties of mangos all with different colored skin, texture, and flavor.

The Champagne mango, also called the Ataulfo mango, is small, has a thin seed, and has pale yellow flesh. The fruit is creamier and smoother than other varieties and has a sweet and tangy taste.

The Haitian mango, also called the Francis mango, is large, has a light greenish-yellowish speckled skin, and has dark orange flesh. The fruit has a sweet caramel-like taste.

The most popular variety found in markets is called the Tommy Atkins mango. It is large, has a red and green skin, and has orange flesh. The fruit is a bit more fibrous and sticky compared to other varieties.

Whichever mango you select this season enjoy the health benefits of vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, and folate.

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